New Room


Monday 1st December

Well, that was such a better night’s sleep for both my son and I. It was considerably quieter, and darker.

We have to see so many nurses, doctors, and the consultant today. With bloods being taken, and obs every four hours

The consultant in charge of our son explained what is going to happen. He will be in and out of here, four or five days at a time for the next six weeks, with a couple of weeks recuperation in between. The treatment plan that has been put in place covers about sixteen weeks in total. Our son will feel very ill, sick and tired. And he will lose his hair. This did shock him a lot.

(Whilst talking with the oncologist, I was embarrassed to tell him that I believed I had developed cellulitis, as a result of wearing my shoes and stocking for too long ~ nearly three days! He very kindly wrote me a prescription for antibiotics, and told me I must look after myself as well. My leg is red, blotchy and swollen. Bugger.)

Late afternoon we are waiting to go down to theatre so that a central line (Hickman), can be inserted in his chest to administer the chemotherapy drugs. He will be sedated for this. He is ok, but becoming a little worried and anxious; really he is scared stiff.

The doctor with him seems great, and is very sympathetic to our son’s needs. The procedure should take about twenty minutes, followed by one hour of bed rest, then he can get up and walk around.

It’s all done! And we were told he was incredibly brave! The best patient they had had that day 😜

Soon after we return to the ward, we’re on the move to  a new room, with an ensuite bathroom, a large flat screen television and window to the outside world.  It’s almost ten o’clock by the time we’re settled; time to switch off the lights, and see what tomorrow brings.

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