Raising a glass for me


Monday 10th June


Raising a glass for me

Really good, cold chablis

I know I’m at Stage 3

Lots of scanxiety

My trials nurse phones me

Smiling, so quietly

Currently N.E.D.*

A big relief you see


Wish the same had happened to you

Cancer free, perhaps a breakthrough

But that wasn’t just meant to be

Now an angel, flying pain-free


Love you sweetheart

Precious Angel son



*No Evidence of Disease


Silvery sea: the view from the front door this morning

Dark clouds over the horizon

A sunny day, despite downpours further up the county

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  1. “NED” = No Evidence of Disease! WOW! Great news. And I love your creative word, “scanxiety.” When we were on the “watch and wait” cycle with my husband’s prostate cancer, we had many days of “scanxiety.” Now I know what to call it! Thanks! (My recent post regarding Word Origins and Creative Usage was meant for folks like you!) ❤

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