Daily Archives: June 19, 2013

My Left Foot goes for a walk (first time in seven weeks!)


Wednesday 19th June

Today I go for a walk, yay!

Having spent the last seven weeks at home, or visiting different hospitals and surgeries, I felt it was about blooming time I had some gentle exercise. My left foot was still rather swollen, so going out for a walk necessitates crutches and a speed akin to a tortoise carrying the weekly shopping.

Despite the slow plodding, it was so refreshing to be outdoors. The sky was a beautiful blue, the colourful boats bobbing on the sea in the harbour were straining at their anchor ropes, and the many, many people walking along the front were engaged in all sorts of activities: eating ice-creams, pushing prams, holding hands, conversing, taking photographs.

I had really missed the normality of everyday life and its simple pleasures.