Daily Archives: June 26, 2013

My stitches were not removed!


Wednesday 26th June

Scheduled for a visit to the practice nurse this morning, I managed to convince her that I wasn’t ready for the stitches to be removed from my lower back. Yay! Since the wider local excision ten days ago, I had been in a fair amount of discomfort: a dull, throbbing, bruised sensation, making it difficult to sit or sleep properly.

I had this awful fear that, because it was a much bigger wound than before, the scar hadn’t knitted together properly, and if the sutures were removed, the whole thing would open up! Silly thoughts I know, but I was really concerned. The nurse, sensing my uncertainty and trepidation, agreed to leave the procedure until Monday; exactly two weeks since the operation. Big sigh of relief!

She commented that my left foot was healing well, despite a small area of raw skin, but it did however, appear to be quite swollen still, but that was to be expected, after two bouts of major surgery. I told her I was trying to take short walks, but on returning home, and later on in the evenings, my toes look like a pack of pork sausages! She said I must continue to elevate my foot whenever possible, and also to massage it, to try and reduce pressure.

Returning from a slow, gentle walk around the town, this afternoon, I sit down in the garden, and my husband turns the hose on, cooling and massaging my aching foot! Perfect hydrotherapy!