Tuesday 10th September

Well, that was a long day!!

We arrived at the ward 8:15am. I was taken down to Nuclear Medicine for dye injections 9:30am using Teknesium; I am able to watch the trace on a screen, as the radioactive dye makes its way to the lymph nodes. Three of the little blighters are identified, A, B and C. I am duly marked with three black felt-tip crosses. I am made to wear a really bright yellow hospital bracelet indicating that I am radioactive, toxic, glowing nicely!!! This remains on for twenty four hours.

I walk down to theatre for my operation at 2:30pm; I remember the anaesthetist tapping the vein on the top of my left hand, inserting the cannula, then the cold fluid making its way through my system. The walls and the ceiling become fuzzy and out-of-focus. I’ve gone.

I come round in recovery, shivering and crying. This is not a comfortable feeling at all. More medication is needed to take the edge off my pain, then I’m back to ward at 5pm, and discharged a little after 7pm.

I had three nodes removed, and have a very small dressing. The nurse told me that because a plastic surgeon had carried out the op, I wouldn’t be able to see any stitches; all nice and tidy. Having had loads of pain relief I slept really well that night in the hotel.

I go back to the Plastics Clinic in Exeter on Monday, must wait about two weeks for results, and will be booked in at Plymouth for another CT scan. Have also been signed off work for two weeks.

Feeling not too bad at the moment.

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