Happy birthday sweetie pie


Monday 18th January


Happy birthday sweetie pie

Today you’d be thirty six

Wonder what we’d be doing

Laughing, up to your old tricks


Those presents, candles and cake

A time for celebration

But six birthdays you have missed

So much lamentation


And so today we’ll reminisce

Remembering you with love

Knowing that you’re safe and sound

With the angels up above


Thinking of you daily

My darling Angel baby

Missing you like crazy

And loving you greatly


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  1. Melanie, thank you for sharing these pictures of your son. He seemed to have lived a fun filled life. Obviously, you are an outstanding mum. Find comfort in knowing he is at timeless peace.

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  2. Hugs to you, sweet momma. I like the poem. It’s creative and, of course, bittersweet. Today would have been my son’s birthday too. He would have been 28. He missed two birthdays. I will think of you tonight and not feel so alone.

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