Phone calls


Wednesday 2nd October

My mobile phone rings whilst I am out this morning; the Macmillan nurse would like to talk to me when I am at home, later on this afternoon. Why? Should I ignore her call? What does she want?

So, how am I doing? how am I feeling? how am I bearing up? Fine, fine, and fine. I’m not ready to share my thoughts at all.

So, you have an appointment with the dermatologist on Friday, for your 4-month check-up. Yes, I know this.

And a CT Scan has been arranged for Monday. Yes, I know that, too.

The results from the scan will decide whether surgery will go ahead. Really?? I didn’t know that. The consultant told me on Monday that he is away for a couple of weeks, but he will get me on his theatre list, hopefully by the end of October, when he will carry out the groin dissection. He even asked for my preference of surgeons ~ himself, or his colleague in Plymouth.

We are also going to test your Braf gene mutation, to see if it is positive. Your original biopsy is being sent to The Royal Marsden in London. Oh?? I certainly didn’t know that. The results will inform my eligibility for any future drug trials.

Well, much to ponder and process.

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