SLNB Results


Monday 30th September

OK, so this wasn’t the news I was hoping for. The melanoma has in fact spread to the lymph nodes in my groin. I found this out when I visited the hospital in Exeter. My consultant was great, very caring and concerned, and we talked for ages. I also spoke with another Macmillan nurse who took me through the next steps.

Within a month I am due to have a groin dissection, when all the lymph nodes will be removed. It’s a much bigger operation, usually in hospital for up to a week, and left with a drain in my leg for up to two weeks. A minimum of two months without driving.

Crap, crap, crap news.

But I know the consultant will look after me, and it’s just something I have to go through.

I also have an appointment on Friday in Camborne/Redruth, to see the consultant dermatologist for a check-up ~ she was the one who removed the mole from my back, right at the very beginning (no evidence of disease). And on Monday I have another CT scan at West Cornwall.

Not feeling very brave at the moment.

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