Daily Archives: November 12, 2013

The Operation


Tuesday 12th November

I arrived at the hospital at 7am (a little early), but straightaway looked after by a nurse who took my blood pressure (whoa ~ far too high, but understandable!!!!), tested blood sugar, and an ECG.
I then met with the anaesthetist, my two surgeons, three nurses and two medical students ~ blimey what a team!!!! And the students only looked about fourteen.
The anaesthesia went in at 8:48am, and the next thing I knew I was waking in recovery at midday. No shakes or crying this time.
I am now in a ward, hooked up to a morphine pump, have been through three bags of intravenous saline, wearing nasal spectacles delivering oxygen, my legs constantly being moved and vibrated on an electrical pad (guarding against DVT), and have had various pain relief and anti-coagulants delivered. Oh, and the little drain bottle is tucked under the bed.
Haven’t really had a look at my leg closely; all I have is a white dressing over the scar, which can’t be more than 15cm or so, and then the drain poking out, a bit lower down.
Oh, and I’ve also been very sick!! Most unusual for me. But I’m now feeling so much better!! Haven’t eaten anything yet, nor been to the loo. Hmmmm. But my blood pressure has returned to normal. All of the doctors and nurses here are amazing ~ kind, caring and so attentive. The ward is such a calming and friendly environment. If you have to have 110% trust in the people who look after you, then this place ticks all the boxes. If all goes to plan, I should be out Friday/Saturday/Sunday.