Daily Archives: November 20, 2013

Rain and Drain


Wednesday 20th November

Another typically Cornish November day: a howling gale, driving rain and chilly temperatures. This is not very conducive to me getting out of bed!

So, I’ve been under the duvet all day. The medication makes me all dopey and dozey.

I had thought about making an appointment at the surgery to see the practise nurse to change my drain bag. It had started to come away, and lose its stickiness, but as it was so cold, so wet, so windy, (plus I didn’t want to get dressed with a plastic bag dangling down, between my knees, to go and wait in a germ ridden place), I didn’t go.

So I changed the bag myself!!


I had to peel the gel adhesive away from my skin, thread the plastic tube out, and then put the new sterile bag on.

Just hope it’s secured in the right place.

Seems ok.

My husband helped, and gave support.

I cried when I’d finished. I felt all hot and shaky.


I can feel the top end of the tube right up at the very top of my leg.

I’ll be so pleased when it’s finally pulled out, and I don’t have to go through this any more!



60mls in the last twenty four hours, so it is becoming less.

My husband went to the supermarket this morning, and whilst having a coffee in Costa, the little, grey-haired old lady that comes and chats to us, asked about me.

She then came back a few minutes later with a beautiful bunch of coral roses for me. Ahhhh, bless.

And the wind still blows the rain off the sea against the bedroom windows. How I wish it would blow all my troubles away.