Daily Archives: August 26, 2014

Trial ~ Month Eight


Tuesday 26th August

We reluctantly fly back across the Atlantic on Sunday night, arriving bright and early Monday morning. Returning to our car, loading all our luggage, we then set off for Exeter where we spend the night, catching up on our sleep.

In the morning my first appointment is at dermatology, where the faint redness can still be seen, as a result of the cellulitis. Thank goodness for the antibiotics that I took with me! No other cause for concern is noted, following a full body check.

Then it’s onto the ward where I see a different trials nurse for blood and obs (my usual nurse is on her summer break). Everything is stable and wonderfully normal. Big sigh of relief!

The final appointment is with a different oncologist from my usual one (also on vacation). Pots of pills handed over, and we’re soon on our way home.

After two long days of travelling, it is so good to fall asleep in my own bed.

The end of Summer, turns into the beginning of Autumn: new season, new hope.