A Scare For My Son


Tuesday 11th November

Our son has been booked into surgery and is first on the theatre list this morning. He is seen by nurses, the anaesthetist, and the surgeon. Despite all the previous sickness and anxiety, he seems decidedly chirpy.

He did have a laugh when the nurse showed him his notes, and someone had written ~ “Needs pregnancy test”, on the front!!!! The nurse was cross with whoever had done that!!

He goes off to theatre, and we have to phone at 11:30am to find out what ward he’s on.

When he comes round he is brought to the recovery ward, where he says he is a grumpy patient!

Just after 1:00pm we see the urologist, and preliminary results show no cancerous cells found. We have to wait two weeks for absolute confirmation.

But all is looking good 😃😁

A short time later we get him dressed, and the cannula is taken out of his arm. We wait for the discharge paperwork, and then we are on our way home.

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