Nine years ago

Monday 2nd May

Nine years ago today......
Thursday 2nd May 2013
Surgery on dodgy looking mole
On my left foot
On the fourth toe
Stage 3c


The mole on my toe
Just started to grow
And I did not know
It would change me so

Melanoma, Ohh!
Spreading to and fro
Lymph nodes, tallyho
Recovery, slow

No more suntan glow
Seek shade, way to go
Fight for tomorrow
Challenge this foe

Love you both so much
Always and forever
Precious sons
A Facebook memory popped up
Porthmeor Beach
Low tide in the harbour
The sea slowly creeping over the sand
It’s a bit cloudy over Hayle Towans
Little wind today
So very clear
A pretty afternoon
Sunny Bank Holiday

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  1. Thank you for this incredible post. In my younger years I was a bit of a sun worshiper – and so have always been aware of the cancer possibilities. Your poem speaks of this subject so eloquently ….thank you…Of course today we have spray tan:)

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    • Thank you so much for your comments.
      I too was a sun worshipper, oblivious to the dangers of burnt skin.
      And yes, spray tans and fake tans are much, much safer these days.
      Hope you are well and staying safe.
      Melanie x

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  2. Bonjour mon Amie

    Les jours se suivent mais ne se ressemblent pas
    Chaque journée porte en elle un espoir
    Profite de cette journée, de cette semaine, des jours à venir
    Profite de tes proches de tes amis enfants petits enfants Sois sage, simple
    Reste le même ou la mème du matin au soir
    Ceux qui t’aiment sauront t’apprécier
    Bise ton ami Bernard

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  3. Thank you.
    There have been many…..
    Family and friends, doctors, consultants, surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, radiographers, oncologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, GlacoSmithKlein then BristolMyersSquibb, trials nurses, lymphoedema nurses, alternative therapists…… So many caring people.
    I am very fortunate.


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