Tuesday 16th August 


Praia da Rocha

Long bus journey
A little frustrating

Strolling about
Quite invigorating

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
Busy morning in Lagos
A convoy of boats leaving the marina
Lunchtime views in Portimão
Praia da Marina de Portimão
A few clouds, but very hot
A canoe trip to see the caves and grottos. All being towed back in a long line.
Praia da Rocha
Farol da Praia da Rocha
Long sandy beach
Praia da Rocha hotels
Many enjoying the great weather
Warm seas
Large schooner in the Arade River
Quite crowded
Smile for the camera
At the top of Fortaleza de Santa Caterina
Views across to Praia Grande
The River Arade
Praia da Rocha
Me again
And we’re back in Lagos
Still very warm at 5pm

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