Oh dear

Thursday 27th October 

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dearie me
Driving to Dorset yesterday
New computer for mum-in-law
Should have been like child's play

But, guess what
We forgot?
The power cable
On our kitchen table......

Four hours door to door
Turn around, and drive some more
Back home to Cornwall
Fun and games for all

And that means, today
We head back, the same way
Another long drive
Takes a while to arrive

Computer set-up going slowly
Programs, accounts and emails
But we're getting there
Filling in all the details

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
And….. On the road again to Dorset
Round two, deja vu
The same journey, 24 hours later

10 responses »

    • 🙃😀🙃
      We just had to get the computer working and in place for mother-in-law.
      No other choice but to drive back home and pick the power cable up!!!
      It certainly was a long day….


    • Oh yes, she’s quite competent with basic things.
      She’s almost house-bound, so it’s her way of keeping in touch with the world!
      (She does get quite exasperated sometimes 😅)


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