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Wind-blown drizzle

Sunday 19th June 

Wind-blown drizzle
Clings, so dismal
Where is the sun?
Asks everyone
An empty beach
Warmth out of reach
Come back summer
Blue sky stunner

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
The Island
Grey skies and choppy seas
Empty beach today
Porthmeor Central, where we stopped for a cappuccino and a slice of apple and cinnamon flapjack

Infinite possibilities

Saturday 18th June 

Infinite possibilities
So many opportunities
Varied responsibilities
Individual visibilities
Remove the hostilities
No irritabilities
Check on availabilities
Explore the feasibilities
Humble vulnerabilities
Gentle civilities
Masterly abilities

Love you both so much
Precious sons xxxxx

I’ll do

Thursday 16th June 

I'll do
What works for me
I'll try
Through dark, to see
I'll find
Calm, be carefree
I'll smile
And just agree
I'll walk
Down to the sea
I'll sit
Beneath palm tree
I'll breathe
Happy to be
I'll answer
To nobody

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
St Ives, early evening

Bright sunlight

Wednesday 15th June 

Bright sunlight bouncing off the sea
Waves climbing up the golden sand
Children's delightful cries of fun
Grasping tightly to the parent's hand
Summertime filled with laughter
Ice cream cornet, and life is grand

Love you both so much
Forever and always
Treasured sons

Porthmeor West
Warm and bright
Low tide in the harbour
A pretty afternoon
Many enjoying the beach
The tide begins to creep in
A few are caught out on the sandbank!

A new beginning

Tuesday 14th June 

A new day
A new beginning
Feels like
I could be winning
Though this world
Is set on spinning
Out of control
Sets alarms ringing
Stop for awhile
Troubles dimming
Uplift to the sky
With heart a-brimming

Love you both so much
Precious sons

Slap bang in the middle

Monday 13th June 

Slap bang in the middle
Of happy, happiness
A big, long sigh exhales
With thoughts of tenderness
Of long ago exploits
With fun and cheerfulness
Times no longer with us
Intruding loneliness
Memories made, so special
Family togetherness

Love you both so much
My darling sons
Porthmeor Beach this afternoon
Looking towards the Island
High tide in the harbour
The clouds slowly clearing
Harbour slipway
All types of watercraft
The New Pier

Slow down, and breathe

Sunday 12th June 

Slow down, and breathe
Notice surroundings
I tell myself this
On all of our outings
Taking time to renew
All those special things
Restore and replenish
See what calmness brings

Love you both so much
Forever and always
Beloved sons