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The pain is there


Friday 13th November


The pain is there

But it doesn’t show

Hidden inside

It hurts, I know


A broken heart

Healing is slow

Without you here

Makes me feel low


But looking up

A big rainbow

It makes me smile

Heaven’s aglow


Love you forever

Sweet Angel son


A good swell

A group of hardy surfers

Catching waves

Porthmeor Beach

A watery maze


Thursday 5th November


A watery maze

Of ripples in the sand

Where we’d walk

Gently hand in hand

Talking ’bout this ‘n’ that

Spontaneous, unplanned

Such a carefree time

Take me back to dreamland


Love you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


Low tide

Porthmeor Beach this afternoon

Ripples in the sand

Wending their way to the sea

Sunny and bright

Rippling in the harbour

Much, much quieter ~ Lockdown Day One

Smeaton’s Pier


Your life may have ended


Wednesday 4th November


Your life may have ended

But the love you left behind

Fills my heart and soul

Your memory I’ll always find


Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together

For ever and ever


Precious Angel son


A much quieter beach today

Man’s Head

People enjoying the November sunshine in the harbour