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Post-op ~ Day three


Friday 15th November

Today starts much the same as yesterday ~ up soon after six to be wheeled to the loo, quick wash and clean teeth.

Doctor’s rounds at nine, and the registrar speaks about the drain, and the possibility of antibiotics.

I have the tube to the draining bottle cut much shorter, and a collecting plastic bag stuck over the end that is sticking out.

I am supposed to be more mobile, so spend the morning in the bedside chair ~ but everything is most uncomfortable. I last for about a couple of hours, and then I manoeuvre myself back into bed. Sore, stiff, painful, plus I’m worried that by sitting up straight, I will be squashing or pushing the wound in on itself.

After lunch, my husband and son arrive for afternoon visiting. A beautiful bouquet, grapes, magazines and newspapers, plus a whole lot of talking, cuddles and kisses.

After dinner I start a course of antibiotics, take multiple pain killers, have my evening injection, and for the very first time, I walk myself to the bathroom. Yay, I’m now an independent patient; no more pressing the call button and having to wait for the nurse, complete with wheelchair. I can go on my own!

The evening ends with many phone calls and messages.

And breathe, the healing process is well underway.

Eye ointment for my foot!


Wednesday July 17th

So this is probably the last time I visit the practice nurse at the surgery for a check up on my foot. Plus, I needed a couple of things on prescription to take away on holiday with me. When I had my appointment with the consultant on Monday, he suggested that as the skin graft wasn’t fully healed between my toes, the best remedy was antibiotic eye ointment! Eyes and toes, hey? Almost at the opposite ends of one’s body! But, if it does the trick, I’ll not argue 🙂 One prescription for the cream was duly issued.

The nurse was really pleased I had been given the all clear to fly and go away for six weeks; yay! We talked about gentle exercise on the plane and the wearing of compression stockings ~ very fetching!

Later on in the afternoon I received a telephone call from the secretary to the consultant I saw on Monday. A quick catch up to explain the next course of events, and to check our holiday dates, so that the surgery can be fitted around those times. I will need a pre-op consult with a nurse, plus some blood tests, then I’ll be all set for the operation a few days later; a general anaesthetic, but I should be able to go home that same day ~ hopefully! She sounded really friendly, and very reassuring, and wished us well for a great holiday. She took my email address to make sure that I was kept up to date with details of appointments and hospital visits.

I can now relax for the rest of the summer, and enjoy our time away. Yes, I know I’ll be returning to more surgery, worrying about results and yet more time off work, but for now: “Here comes the summer!”

Friday at the Surgery


Friday 7th June

Just returned from the surgery for my twice weekly dressing. Another infection. More antibiotics. Yah boo sucks.

On Monday I have been called to the hospital to see the original consultant who ‘did’ my back, and referred me on, for my foot.

I believe she is going to talk me through the CT scan results. It’s make or break time.

Positive, positive, positive thoughts. Crossing everything.

Post-op #1 ~ more dressing of the crater



Following on from Wednesday’s visit to the surgery, I was back there on Friday ~ no better, no worse ~ was the state of the infection ~ keep taking the pills!

On Sunday the district nurse came to the house to clean and dress the wound. As it was still a bit stinky, she advised me to go back to the surgery on Monday.

I’ve never visited the place, on so many occasions, in so short a time! Back on the Monday, as the infection was still present, I was put on another set of antibiotics.

The swabs that I had taken for MRSA all came back negative, so that was some good news!

My last visit to the nurse was on Wednesday 15th May, when it found that the infection had  cleared up, yay! All systems go for the skin graft operation.

Post-op #1~ wound dressing #2


Wednesday 8th May

I was dreading this, I really didn’t want to go through the pain again. However, it was so much easier this time, nothing had stuck to the wound tissue ~ breathes enormous sigh of relief! But, there was an infection. My notes read: malodorous today, sloughy wound bed, periwound erythema. Bleugh. Antibiotics were prescribed. If the wound were to remain infected, the skin graft couldn’t go ahead.