A bit different


Sunday 6th August


For twenty fabulous years

Florida was the theme parks

White knuckle rides, upside downs

You knew the maps and landmarks


But this year it’s a bit different

Just Dad and I, in the summer

First time since twenty fourteen

We’ve still got much to discover


The childish fun is not there

And it seems so quiet in the morning

No SpongeBob or Power Rangers

Life with you, never boring


Thinking of you my darling

On the rollercoasters in heaven

We miss you so much my Angel

Many kisses to you are given



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    • Aha! We had some great times in the theme parks when our boys were young, spending ten or more hours traipsing around, going on rollercoasters, cooling down with ice creams, watching shows, more rides, finishing up with fireworks, stunt spectaculars and parades.
      Magical places for youngsters.

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      • My children went but I wish I had now. When I was a little girl, my beloved grandmother made me giggle one day when she said she’d like to go to Hollywood.
        I teased her and asked if she wanted to see a movie star.
        She said “I’d like to see Disneyland.”
        I could have gone and let her see it through my eyes. šŸ˜ž

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