Holibobs ~ Orlando Day One


Sunday 11th August

Today we awake early, pack all our swim gear, sunscreen and sunhats, and head off to Aquatica. We find a group of sunbeds beneath a huge umbrella, and spread out our towels. This is the first summer holiday where I do not sunbathe, but actively seek the shade. I am covered in high factor sunscreen and wear a big floppy hat. We have a great time in Loggerhead Lane, splashing about on big rings, with the current taking us through the park, going under waterfalls and watching the comerson dolphins. Next, we queue up for the Walhalla Wave, a family water flume, tunnel, white water rapids ride. Awesome! We also play in the wave pool, and have fun in the rather vigorous lazy river.By mid afternoon it has become very hot and extremely crowded. Time to shower and make our way back to the car. We notice upon leaving that the park is not allowing any new people in; it has reached capacity!

We have had a great first day in Orlando!

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