Another Pyjama Day


Friday 22nd November

Slowly, slowly, day by day, I try to be a little more active. I know I’m supposed to be a bit more mobile, but it really is an effort to actually get out of my warm and toasty bed!

I come downstairs at midday, potter about a bit, make some phone calls, and then my husband brings me a cappuccino and the Friday papers; I lounge on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon, elevating my leg.

My dinner was cooked for me: wonderful seared tuna, broccoli and grilled tomatoes. I soon decide to go upstairs to lie down, and a lovely cup of tea duly appears at my bedside!!

I’m still feeling very tired, and my left leg/thigh is quite stiff/heavy/numb. I will be sooooooo glad when the tube is removed ~ most uncomfortable and unsociable.

There’s no point in getting dressed because I won’t be going out, not with the plastic drain bag still attached to my inner thigh ~ I’d be hobbling along feeling most self-conscious. So I remain in my pyjamas yet again. Up until this episode I had never owned any kind of nightwear or ‘lounging-around’ gear! No need. And yet now, I have a new selection of ‘outfits’ in which to feel lazy, sloppy and relaxed! As soon as I am able they will all go to the back of the wardrobe allowing me to wear normal clothes again. Almost two weeks in nothing but hospital gowns, nighties or pyjamas is surely enough for anyone!

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