Time to get out of bed!!


Thursday 21st November

It really is about time I got out of bed and had a proper clean up!!

This thought was prompted after I’d asked my husband to pull off the tight compression stockings I had been wearing for the last ten days, and I saw his nose screw up. Oh, do my feet smell? Hmmm, only a little bit!!

Right that’s it, make an effort, stand in the bath tub, and have a damp flannel scrub-up. I can’t yet have a proper shower, as the wound hasn’t healed, and the tube sticks out of a hole in my thigh ~ must guard against infections and the like. Still, I think I now smell better than I did!

I then lean over the bath precariously and wash my hair with the shower head ~ it is so, so good to have clean, shiny hair again.

My lovely husband then rubs coconut oil on my feet and legs as they had become very dry beneath those white, nylon stockings!! (I can’t bend down to reach my feet ~ plus it’s so good to have a mini foot massage!!)

I then put on a really loose pair of warm pajamas, and come downstairs; the first time since arriving home on Monday.

I phone my mum to tell her that I’ve cleaned up, am sort of dressed, and ready to accept visitors ~ if she wants to see me she’d better come round soon, or else I may go back to bed!! We have about half an hour chatting, drinking tea and cuddles, then my husband takes her off to the supermarket.

I make some toast, potter about in the kitchen, fold some laundry and do some online banking. As I have been standing for much longer than during the last three days, my drain bag fills up by 75mls in four hours ~ whoops, I do need to rest, and elevate my leg. I spend the rest of the afternoon on the sofa, and am visited by my son, his girlfriend and their lovely little puppy.

They bring me a beautiful silver necklace with a green amethyst, so unusual and so thoughtful.

I need to go to bed soon and stretch out my leg so that it is horizontal. All this getting up and moving about leaves me quite tired. But I am thankful for a great day with spent with family.

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