Daily Archives: December 9, 2013

Another mad dash!


Monday 9th December

Having gone to our local hospital on Friday, we were back again this morning for another emergency visit!!! I was seen immediately by the specialist cancer nurse, and a consultant. The swelling/redness/pain/hard lumpy feeling is cellulitis 😦 This can become dangerous if left, and lead to septicaemia.

So I am now on a mega dose of penicillin, 2000mg a day. Hit it hard, and it should go away!!

I hate feeling like this.

But, some vestige of good news: the plastic drain bag is no longer stuck to my leg. There is still an open, exit wound, where the drain tube came out of my leg, but this is slowly beginning to close up. The ‘stuff’ that should have been draining out is further up my leg, which has now become infected ~ oh joy!!

Anyway, back again for a review on Wednesday morning. If there is no change, or the bruising and redness have increased, then the ‘lump’ may have to be drained off using a fine needle ~ not a pleasant prospect!

Still, I can’t fault the service; I have been seen, at the drop of a hat, every single time 😉 The nurses are amazing, and take time out to talk and reassure you.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.