Daily Archives: December 30, 2013

Check up with the Macmillan nurse


Monday 30th December

Today I have an appointment with the lovely Macmillan nurse in Truro. We talk for almost an hour. She checks the lump at the top of my leg, and is happy that it hasn’t become any worse. She says it is no longer infected nor cellulitic, but slowly repairing itself, the blood clots breaking down and being absorbed.

My actual scar is healing well, and looks neat and tidy. She says I should be pleased with this.

We talk further about what to look out for in the future: lumps, bumps and discoloration, mostly on or around the primary mole removal site on my foot, but I must also check my left leg quite scrupulously.

She wishes me well as I begin the medical tests later this week, and tells me to get in touch if I have any questions, queries, or just want a chat.

When I arrive home there is yet another appointment for me in Exeter! On Tuesday. With the Skin Lesion consultant. Mole mapping, (and removal ~ be prepared for a four and a half hour visit, if we have to cut out any nurglies ~ no the letter didn’t say that, but it may as well!!). So that makes trips to Exeter on Thursday, Friday, Monday and now Tuesday. Great planning!! Still, I knew I was going to be very, very closely monitored.