Daily Archives: December 12, 2013

Another day. Another trial.



Thursday 12th December

Another long drive up to Exeter today, this time, to visit with a second oncologist to discuss a second drug trial in two days! Unlike the information from yesterday, this one combines two drugs: dabrafenib and trametinib, but alike, in that it is double-blind ~ drugs vs placebo, no-one knows if you are taking the drugs or not.

My appointment was for 3:45pm, but because of the horrendous parking situation, we rolled up with an hour to spare. Both of us are becoming quite good at sitting in waiting rooms! We finally went in about 4:10pm. Firstly we spoke to the trials nurse for about five minutes, then the Macmillan nurse for about ten minutes. She wanted to check my wound, drain and the extent of the infection and the cellulitis ~ it is normal apparently, following a groin dissection, but she did sympathise with me, and the pain and discomfort I was having.

Then they both left . . . and we waited and waited and waited . . . . . for almost an hour, my husband and I were in that room on our own!!!! Staring at the walls, opening the door, looking out of the window. The oncologist finally showed up about 5:20pm, apologised that a colleague had had a bicycle accident, resulting in broken bones, and that had messed up his schedule.


Anyway, we spoke for about 50 minutes about the trial ~ the drugs, possible side-effects, scans, tests, travelling to Exeter, emergencies, signing of the consent form, and interactions with my morning pill-popping of various vitamins, minerals and supplements

He said he would get the trial nurse to phone me to talk about all the pills I take, to make sure none are on the prohibited list ~ maybe turmeric, cinnamon and resveratrol, and then we’re good to go, to start the initial battery of tests, probably in the new year.

We did come away feeling quite positive, despite the loooooooong wait!!!!
We eventually exited the building at ten past six, arriving home about 8:30pm, in the end.

I believe my mind is made up, and I will go with the newer Combi-Ad trial, with slightly less side effects, and not as much scrutiny via relentless full body, invasive tests. Even if I get the placebo arm of the trial, I will be very well looked after, plus I won’t suffer the side effects ~ hmmm, sounds like a good plan to me!