Daily Archives: February 7, 2014

My left leg has shrunk!


Friday 7th February

My left leg is definitely smaller than it was. Measured by percentage volume, it has shrunk! Yay ~ good news 🙂 😀

Today I have an appointment with the lymphoedema nurse. I have been wearing the ghastly garment, the stupid stocking, the horrendous hose for two and a half weeks. This tight, surgical, mud-coloured tube stretches from my toes to my crotch. I have half-heartedly pulled it on every morning, battling against the compression material as it encases my leg. I have moaned. I have grumbled. I have cried. I peel it off just before getting in to bed at night, and luxuriate in the freedom I feel from not having my leg bound.

So, I lie on the couch and the lymphoedema nurse begins taking measurements of the circumference of my leg, at 4cm intervals. She then moves onto my right leg, continuing with the procedure. Having completed entering the data, she informs me that my left leg is carrying 266mls of extra fluid. This compares with 800mls the first time she took measurements. My left leg is now only 2% bigger than my right. It was 8% bigger at the start of January! Oh. My. Goodness. My leg has shrunk!

It must be the magical material squeezing the lymphatic fluid away from my leg-without-nodes, to be dispersed elsewhere in my body, where the lymph nodes are working perfectly well.

So, I really have to own up, and admit it; the surgical support stocking might actually be working to reduce the swelling. My ankle is no longer puffy; my calf does not bulge; the knee cap is not ballooning; the thigh does not resemble an over-sized tree trunk. Stick with it, and reap the rewards.