Daily Archives: February 11, 2014

Four weeks of “pills”


Tuesday 11th February

Today I turn into a stripper!

(Not too racy, not too lacy. Matching. Black. Hospital-ready underwear! Much thought goes into ‘what on earth shall I wear?’)

I spend six hours at the hospital.

I took my clothes off and on four times.

Once for the dermatologist for a skin check. (He mostly checked up and down my left leg, but also my front, back, arms and right leg. All seems fine).

Once to have an ECG to have the sticky pads attached. (Wires were stuck to my feet, tummy, sides, chest and neck. A quick printout, and all was done).

Once for an Echo to have an ultrasound of my heart. (An ultrasound device was covered in gel, pressed against my chest, and many 3-D, colour images and measurements were taken of the functioning of my heart. All seems fine).

Once for the oncologist for a whole body/tummy/groin/liver ‘feel’. (He looked at my left foot first, the site of the original alien blob. Then he moved on to lymph nodes, tummy, neck and back. Again. all seems good).

Bloods were taken too ~ four vials. Temperature, blood pressure and weight were noted.

I had an eye exam as well.

All looking good.

Four more weeks of pills issued.

£7000 worth!!! (If they’re the real thing !!!) Thank you GlaxoSmithKline.

In at 10:30am, out at 4:30pm. Six hours of tests, checks and reviews. A long day, going from waiting room to waiting room.

Am I, or aren’t I? The real thing, or a placebo? I would really like to think the ‘drugs’ are stopping the progression of melanoma. Keep positive, eat sensibly, sleep well, keep active, smile lots!