Daily Archives: February 20, 2014

One hundred days post-op


Thursday 20th February

One hundred days ago I was in Exeter hospital, very early in the morning, first on the theatre list, ready to undergo a lymphadenectomy, or inguinal clearance, otherwise known as a groin dissection. Put quite simply, I was going to have the top of my leg sliced open, and the remaining lymph nodes and surrounding tissue scooped out, with the hope of removing any further pesky cancerous cells that had made their way from my left foot, up the lymphatic channels to the next port of call: the lymph nodes in my groin.

One hundred days ago, I came round from the anaesthetic and discovered I was hooked up, intravenously to morphine, saline, and antibiotics. I had oxygen tubes attached to my nostrils, and a large drain tube exiting my inner thigh, depositing blood and fluid into a bottle located on the floor. I felt groggy, disoriented, but not in too much pain ~ the morphine was taking care of that, and I had control of the button administering doses!!

One hundred days ago; such a long time. My scar has healed exceptionally well, and despite the drain tube becoming blocked, resulting in an infection, cellulitis and a seroma, all is nearly back to normal. Well, not quite, lymphoedema of the limb necessitates the wearing of a tight, support stocking. However, the swelling and heaviness is easing.

Onwards and upwards. Keep on smiling and being positive. We’ve booked the flights for our summer holiday, (slightly shorter than we would have liked, due to fitting in with the four-weekly hospital trial visits, but that’s being greedy!!), and I’ve had conversations with my headmaster about returning to school, albeit on a reduced timetable, (I have certainly missed teaching). So, things are looking up. Time to become a little more active, get the brain back into gear, (I need to brush up on trig functions and vectors!) and enjoy life.