French, silky, lacy………


Friday 23rd May

It’s French, has a lacy top, feels quite silky and stretches beautifully. It’s my new American Tan support hose! I haven’t been this excited about medical compression garments since, well, I don’t know when.

I had my weekly appointment with my lymphoedema nurse this afternoon. Thirty minutes of targeted massage on my left leg; most relaxing and beneficial. My nurse had been promising a new stocking for me to try, and today it had arrived. It was a sample pair, promoted by a rep, who had left it for me to trial. Appearing extremely short, almost a knee-length sock, it did stretch easily from foot to the very top of my thigh. A lacy band decorates the top, frilling almost like a wedding garter!

In the warmer weather recently, I have been wearing shorts or skirts, and it would be good to have two legs on show, that are of the same colour. At the moment, one leg is normal, the other a sludgy, bandage-beige!!! But no-one has made any comment ~ it’s just me being vain. I think I must look like a dork! Maybe people are being polite 😜 Still, it will be good to go out and be able to not rock the Nora Batty look!!!

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