My Birthday


Wednesday 28th May

Another birthday, another year older; and what a lot has happened and changed in my life.

The weather has been glorious, the sunsets amazing, and the dolphins swimming and splashing across the bay sharing in my happiness of being with my family.

This time last year I was hobbling on crutches, with my lower leg bound and bandaged. I had had a skin graft from my thigh applied to an area on the top of my foot. A dodgy mole had been removed: the Alien Blob had been a malignant melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer.

I have learnt an incredible amount over these last twelve months, but try not to let anything get me down. I had to stop teaching, due to the surgeries and resulting lymphoedema, missing the students incredibly, but I am to be returning in September. I have also accepted that I cannot change things, it is no good looking back at the past and wondering. One shouldn’t live with regrets. None of us knows what the future may hold, but to wake up and enjoy another new day, is indeed a blessing. Living for the moment, not wasting time worrying, being amongst a loving family, healthy enough to travel and meet with friends, focussing on what really matters, this is my life now.

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