Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

Month Five ~ Drug Trial


Tuesday 3rd June

And off we go again to the hospital for my month five checks. Dermatology first, where everything is deemed to be fine and dandy; I leave with a couple of free sample tubes of moisturising cream. It has become a bit of a ‘knowing smile’ moment between myself and my husband: for the last few visits to the dermatologist, he has always commented that my back seems a bit dry ~ I don’t think it is!

We then drive to the second hospital where I meet with my trials nurse. She extracts four vials of blood from my right arm, takes my temperature, blood pressure, and weighs me.

We then have a break for lunch, and finally have the last appointment with my oncologist. All is as it should be, and I am issued with the next month’s supply of drugs.

All is as it should be! Ha! I wish it was.

I have malignant melanoma. This is not how it should be. Every time I visit the hospital for tests I’m reminded how things have changed. This is now the new normal. Stable is the best I can hope for. So, I build my bridge, and get over it. I must now be as positive as I can, have no regrets and enjoy every single day.