Daily Archives: June 4, 2014

A visit to my GP


Wednesday 4th June

The day after my hospital visit, I have an appointment with my GP. I feel as if I have a shopping list of requests!

Firstly I ask if I’m eligible for free prescriptions ~ all those being treated for cancer should not have to pay for their medications. I’m given a form to fill out, and my lovely doctor agrees to countersign it as soon as I’ve filled in all my details.

Next, I ask if he will prescribe sunscreen for me. Having malignant melanoma, and possibly taking drugs that heighten my sun sensitivity, some doctors agree to issue this free of charge. My doctor has no hesitation, and I’m given a prescription for Factor 50 sunscreen for body, and a facial one too.

Another item on my shopping list is a prescription for strong antibiotics, two weeks worth, to take on holiday. I am becoming increasingly anxious about infections, perhaps leading to cellulitis. A scratch or stray mosquito bite could have serious consequences. Again, my doctor agrees to give me the tablets as a precautionary measure. I’ll take them with me, but only take them if absolutely necessary.

Finally, seeing as I’m on a roll here, I ask if I can have some of the moisturising, softening cream that the dermatologist had given to me. No problem at all.

Fantastic! I leave my appointment with everything I need, all for free. Such an understanding, caring doctor. He takes the time to explain and talk through my fears. A few less things to worry about