Six years ago


Thursday 2nd May


Six years ago today

On the second of May

Surgery began

Because I liked to tan


A mole upon my toe

Started to grow and grow

It was melanoma

Changing my persona


It’s not just skin cancer

Deadly, I found out after

Spreading to my lymph nodes

Anxiety overloads


But six years down the line

I sort of feel quite fine

No Evidence of Disease

I’m here; the day to seize


Feeling thankful

Living with vigilance

Wearing sunscreen

Melanoma Awareness


A post from six years ago

A chilly Porthmeor Beach

Grey skies over the harbour

In need of colour!

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  1. Bonjour mon Amie
    Les jours se suivent mais ne se ressemblent pas
    Chaque journée porte en elle un espoir
    Profite de cette journée, de cette semaine, des jours à venir
    Profite de tes proches de tes amis enfants petits enfants Sois sage, simple
    Reste le même ou la mème du matin au soir
    Ceux qui t’aiment sauront t’apprécier
    Bise ton ami Bernard

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