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Wednesday 23rd August


Sitting on the beach this afternoon

Watching all the youngsters playing

I thought about what you’d be doing

Walking, reading a book or swimming

You kept yourself happy and laughing

So, so many reminders

Of what you might have been

My darling Angel son


Another beautiful morning

A quiet spot on the beach

Lots of factor 50 and a large sunhat

Thinking of you sweetie

Along the sand


Tuesday 22nd August 


We went walking along the sand

I imagined I held your​ hand


The waves were whispering your name

And I was doing just the same


So you painted the sky tonight

Such beautiful colours so bright


To watch sunsets is what I love

You sent one to me from above


Love you my darling Angel son

You’ll always be forever young



A beautiful morning again

Palm trees against the sky

The sun going down

Golden clouds

Sun beams spreading across the sky

Pink clouds over the ocean



Monday 21st August


So, the Solar Eclipse happened today, and we thought we were going to be best placed for an almost perfect viewpoint. On the path of 99% totality, surely we would see the eclipse, it would go dark, silent, with birds flying off to roost?

But oh no……..The morning began with a thunderstorm, perhaps a sign of things to come, that all was not well. However, the clouds cleared away, and by 8:30am we had placed our beach chairs and umbrella on the sand, ready for a front row viewing spot.

At midday we were on the beach, expectant, phones and cameras at the ready. We had a quick swim in the ocean, and then settled down for the impending show in the skies.

The dark clouds were building both east and west of us, moving closer and closer together, finally colluding to obscure the sun and therefore the path of the moon in front of it.

Daylight was not diminished, it did not go dark, the atmosphere wasn’t rendered silent and heavy. It went rather gloomy, as if we were​ sitting beneath heavy, dark clouds, and then it brightened, and finally the sun made an appearance.

So, unless you’re in the path of 100% totality, you will not experience darkness ~ even if only for two minutes or so.

100%. All or nothing. No half measures.

The evening did end though, with the most spectacular sunset. Such beautiful colours, with a shadow sunburst, making fabulous rays up to the heavens.

Was that you, ending the day in such a amazing show of colour?

Love you sweetie

Darling Angel son


Early morning

Following a thunderstorm

Big thunder bumpers

We’ve staked our place

8:00am, not too many people about

Grey clouds covering the sky

Beginning to brighten

Looking good so far

Clouds are building behind us

The sun has a halo

Clouds moving over the sands

Moving ever closer towards the sun

Now the sun is obscured

Is this the eclipse?



Oh, it’s becoming brighter

All over, sun’s out again

The sun going down

Sending a huge shadow skyward

Golden colours

Warm rays

Golden blue

Molten lava

Stripes across the sky

Super sunset

Pretty colours over the ocean, too

Pink candyfloss



Sunday 20th August


Watching the world go by

At the clouds in the blue sky

People wand’ring nearby

You’re there in my mind’s eye

An Angel soaring on high


Thoughts of you come with a sigh

Miss you sweetie, that’s no lie

So many questions start with ‘Why?’

Now on mem’ries to rely

You’re not here, so why am I?


My Angel son

Forever young


Children’s ferris wheel

Sunday beach-goers



Saturday 19th August


Thunder crashing

Lightning flashing

Storm approaching

Dark clouds encroaching


Soon it ended

After rain descended

Sunshine splendid

Walking contented


Thinking of you, as always

Precious Angel son


The start to a pretty afternoon….

Enjoying the summer sunshine….

The sun has gone…..

Dark clouds approaching…

Everyone out of the sea….

Thunder, lightning, lashings of rain…..

Beginning to brighten….

Blue sky making an appearance…

Off for a walk along the beach….

Warm sunshine at six o’clock….

Still dark and stormy looking north….



Friday 18th August


Forever thirty, that’s what you’ll be

Forever thirty, always to me

Locked in your sweet, innocent world

Now among the clouds, unfurled

My darling Angel in the sky

Rememb’ring you; a tear in my eye

Forever with me, that’s what you’ll be

Forever with me, for eternity


Beautiful blue, this afternoon

Across the dunes to the sea

Through the grasses to the ocean



Thursday 17th August


Back in North Myrtle Beach

A place full of memories

Of fun times and laughter

With so many discoveries


Walking along the beach

Or swimming in the sea

And shopping in the malls

Always so very happy


Great dinners with good friends

Sailing out on the ocean

Sunshine warming bodies

Not forgetting sun lotion


We miss you my sweetheart

Every single day and night

Hoping you’re close beside us

On Angel wings you take flight



A clear, sunny morning; the first paraglider aloft

Early morning walkers, chairs and umbrellas at the ready, with the sea looking so inviting

Warming up nicely

Late afternoon brings heavy rain, thunder and lightning

Foreboding looking clouds

Time to leave the beach

Harbour Town revisited


Tuesday 15th August


We revisited Harbour Town this morning: a picture perfect location on the southern end of Hilton Head Island. 

The lighthouse stands tall, complete in its red and white livery; the various boats, yachts and gin palaces in the marina compete for attention; red rocking chairs are placed in the shade, for hot and weary travellers to rest a while; and the ice-cream parlour with many scrumptious flavours is there to tempt tourists.

It is the tree swing though, that brings back so many memories of you. Having parked the car, it was the first thing you saw when we walked towards the marina. You loved to sit, gently swing back and forth, whilst reading your book. 

Today Grinch and Frankie Angel Bear sat there. Did you see? Were you there too? Did you sit beside us? I think you did.

We love you so much

We miss you every day

Our darling Angel son 


Grinch has found the swing

Grinch and swing

Grinch and Frankie Angel Bear

Frank enjoying the swing ~ August 2013

Frank and Dad on the swing ~ August 2013

Three of us on the swing

Harbour Town lighthouse and marina

Harbour Town lighthouse

Rocking the shade

Great place for people watching

Trying to seek shade

The quiet reader ~ just like Frank

Grinch and ice cream ~ salted chocolate crunch and Bourbon pecan

The wonderful lighthouse

Terrific tones and textures of the bark on the trunk

A huge, most revolting bug!

My view, in the afternoon, under my umbrella



Monday 14th August


Thirty five years we’ve been together

It’s our anniversary today

You were here for thirty of those years

But now in heaven is where you lay

You should be here celebrating

But it was cancer that took you away

I tried to save you my darling

But I just couldn’t make you stay

We miss you sweetie, Angel son

Love you forever, is what I say


Beautiful wispy clouds this morning

Looking towards the beach

Fountains making fabulous shapes

University President’s Ball 1974

Us today