Daily Archives: July 28, 2021

Secret Beach

Wednesday 28th July 

Secret Beach
Our destination
Quiet and picturesque
A perfect location
Onto Potato Beach
For a small libation
With many people
On vacation

Forever and always
My darling Angel son
Praia do Pinhão
The original steps have been closed off due to erosion
A peek through the rocks
Secret Beach accessed through a tunnel at low tide
Almost to ourselves
Tunnels and caves
Sandstone rocks
Baía dos Segredos ~ Bay of Secrets
An archway built into the rock
Access to another beach through the tunnels
Parasol shade
Blue skies
Blue seas
Sandstone rock
A kayak tour
Welcome shade
Various watercraft
A busy channel
Agave Americana growing in the rock
Bat and ball kids again
Time to leave as the tide is advancing
So very hot
Praia da Batata ~ Potato Beach