Daily Archives: July 26, 2021

Golden brown

Monday 26th July 

First we explored grottos and caves
With so many steps to climb down
Beautiful rock formations
Different strata of golden brown
Then onto a long, wide beach
Fringed by high cliffs all around

Always thinking of you
Treasured Angel son
Praia do Camilo
A tiny sandy beach, accessed by very steep steps
Looking towards Dona Ana beach, where we were yesterday
Luke and Ana
All of us
Ponta de Piedade
A great archway
Camilo beach
Cactus with a Mickey Mouse top
And a heart shape below
Cathedral arch
Ponta de Piedade grotto
It’s a long way down
Such clear water
Luke and Ana
Beautiful colours
Crystal clear
Makes you want to jump in
Luke and Ana again
Boats come and go
Now it’s the long hike up
So many steps
And some more
They’re nearly at the top
Another archway
Now we’re on the beach, Praia de Porto Mós
Luke and I go for a long walk
Amazing cliffs
Luke is dwarfed
Not much beach left
We’ve come a long way
Eroded rocks, high cliffs
A pretty walk
Think we’ve come as far as we can go