Daily Archives: July 29, 2021

Close to the edge

Thursday 29th July 

Super high cliffs
Close to the edge
Spectacular vews
From a rocky ledge

A drive to Alvor
A fantastic beach
With caves and coves
Some difficult to reach

Sending love to you
Darling Angel son
A dried out fig tree
Like matchsticks
Against blue skies
Looking down
A long way down
Coloured ridges on the sea bed
We are up very high
And it’s so very hot
Derelict buildings
Metalwork sculptures along Alvor marina
Anchored in the marina
Sitting in the shade
Luke and Ana
Another sculpture
Reclining mermaid
Doggy paddle
Walking the hot cobbles of Alvor
Lots of touristy shops
Quite hilly too
And back to the marina
To drive to the beach ~ Praia dos Três Irmãos
Towering rock formations and caves at low tide
Secluded coves
Luke takes us on an expedition across the beach, through tunnels and archways
A different view around every twist and turn
Quite popular
Precarious rocks
Tunnel view
Parasols for shade
The sea wasn’t too cold
Lots of people playing bat and ball
And enjoying the waves
Narrow tunnel
Leaving the beach
Sparkly seas