An ancestor’s grave

Friday 16th September 

Today I discovered
An ancestor's grave
The windswept location
Master Mariner brave
My great, great grandfather
Who sailed ocean's wave
But what dark secrets
Penal servitude gave?
Eventually welcomed back
To the town he did crave

John Hooper Carbines
18.6.1849 - 25.2.1927

Jane Carbines née Hart
16.8.1849 - 22.3.1943

Love you both so much
Precious sons
Barnoon Cemetery, St Ives
My great, great grandparents, John Hooper Carbines and Jane Carbines née Hart
Photo dated 1932.
L to R. Jane Carbines (GG grandmother 1849 – 1943), Jane Smith (G grandmother 1874-1964), Kathleen Carbines Goodhand (Grandmother 1904 – 1975), Frank William Goodhand (Grandfather 1892 – 1956)
In the front are my two uncles, Ian and Derek Goodhand.
My mother would be born a few months after the photo was taken.
Great, great grandfather charged and sent to Bodmin Jail
John Hooper Carbines sent to Bodmin Jail for scuppering his ship, the brigantine Thermathis
Article in the Cornishman welcoming home John Hooper Carbines
John Hooper Carbines, Master Mariner
Inscription written in a family bible by John Hooper Carbines, husband of Jane née Hart.
His father, Thomas Carbines Snr, left St Ives for Australia May 11th 1854
Also reported in Australia’s Trove newspaper
Short obituary for John Hooper Carbines

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