Friday 11th November 

Behind closed doors
Underneath the mask
Keeping it together
Is an uphill task
It's not as it seems
If you have to ask

Love you both so much
Beloved sons
A sunny morning turned into a grey and damp afternoon

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  1. Sometimes, it gets hard, to just, put one foot in front of the other, but,we still, try our best, because, if we don’t, we get, stuck, in those, better days of our pasts, and, we never, break free from that, we can’t, move on, with, the rest of our, lives, which is why, losing someone we love dearly, is, so difficult for us, to cope, because, we’re still here, and, they’re, not. It’s just, very, unfair…

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    • Your words ring so true….
      The past is where he was…
      The present has only memories…
      The future is where he is missing…
      So very, very unfair.
      Thank you for your kind words and understanding.


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