Silent battles

Saturday 19th November 

Silent battles
Lonely travels
Hiding away
Cold, stormy day
Just wiping tears
Dismissing fears
Quite miserable
Pity party
Not so hearty
New tomorrow
Shake off sorrow

Love you both so much
Precious sons

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  1. I have a female friend in her early 60s who swears by Taylor Swift when these inner battles need a nuke. She’s definitely not Taylor’s target audience, but apparently the magic of music knows no age boundaries.

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    • Thank you so much for caring, and for directing me to Taylor Swift.
      I listen to her on the radio in the car, but now on careful searching I’ve looked through various sites with her lyrics, and they are truly meaningful and so very relevant.
      Life’s a bit up and down at the moment, so this is most welcome.
      Very many thanks indeed.
      Hope all is well with you x

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