Happy birthday Hank

Saturday 4th February 

4 February 1932 - 5 October 2009

Happy heavenly birthday Hank
Ninety one today
So many happy memories
That'll never fade away

February the Fourth
World Cancer Day
Striking our family
In the worst kind of way

My father Hank
4.2.1932 - 5.10.2009
Pancreatic Cancer

My son Frank
18.1.1985 - 12.3.2015
Testicular Cancer

Metastatic Malignant Melanoma

We shared lots of laughs and fun together

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  1. They say that cancer is cruel, but it has always seemed like such an understatement.

    Happy Heavenly Birthday, Hank 🌹 And lots of love to you my friend at such a difficult time – the photos are beautiful xxxx

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  2. Darn that cancer!! I keep praying for a cure within my lifetime. Surely our medical scientists are hard at work trying to find one. I love your collage of photos… ah, such happy memories, and such a shame to have those loved ones leave you tooooo soon!! My heart goes out to you.

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