Cerulean skies

Monday 17th April 

Cerulean skies
How they gleam
Warm sunshine
A blissful dream
Relaxing times
So calm and still
Deep breathes
Quite tranquil

Welcome sighs
As worries fade
Gentle moments
In the shade
Nature's beauty
All around
Joyful hearts
With peace profound

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
Faro this morning
So very warm
The marina
Gary and I
I ❤️ Faro
Cobbled streets for morning coffee
Two and a half hours on a bus to Lagos (the trains were on strike!)
Lagos marina
Our view
A variety of watercraft
And…. We meet up with Luke and Talita. It’s Luke’s birthday today 🎂
Happy days
Walking back to the hotel
Our sunset view

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