The sea so blue

Monday 24th April 

The sea so blue, a sight to see
Refreshing waves, they beckon me
Warmth surrounds, a gentle embrace
Sparkling waters, a dazzling space

A lovely afternoon, so it seems
The perfect time, to chase our dreams
To swim and play, and feel so free
The sea, so blue, it calls to me

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
Boardwalk strolling this morning
Meia Praia
A gorgeous day
Luke, Gary and I
Praia de Porto Mós
Frankie Angel Bear came too
Looking eastwards
Looking westwards
Windy hair again!
Luke swimming, Gary trying the water
Gary and I go swimming
Beautiful colours
Not too crowded
A perfect spot
Praia de Porto Mós
Building graffiti in Lagos
Tonight’s sunset over the marina

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    • Thank you so much Derrick.
      It was a great day out, spent with Luke at the beach. The water was quite warm. (It must have been, for me to get in and swim!)
      And the evening’s sunset topped off a lovely day.

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