Sunshine, beach and a cold beer

Wednesday 26th April 

Sunshine, beach, and a cold beer
The perfect mix for a day so clear
Family and love, together we stay
Creating memories on this beautiful day

The weather so fine, a precious time
Where everything feels just so sublime
The sound of waves, sand beneath our feet
We take a moment to soak in this treat

Laughter and joy, fill up the air
The moments we share, beyond compare
From building sandcastles to playing games
Every memory made, forever remains

As the sun sets, we gather around
With hearts so full, our love profound
Grateful for this day, each other we hold
A family bond, a treasure to behold

Sunshine, beach, and a cold beer
Together we'll cherish, year after year
For the moments we shared, will always be
A reminder of love, and our family

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
GC32 racing catamarans
Carbon fibre, hydrofoiling catamaran
So warm today
Gary and I
A pretty ketch coming into the marina
Lunch in the square in Lagos
Hot, hot, hot
We caught the train to Portimão
Waiting for Luke
Wide beaches of Praia da Rocha
Along the boardwalk
Rock formations
Super Bock bar
Umbrellas closed at the end of the afternoon
Blue, blue sky
Clouds over the marina when we returned to Lagos, but still 25°C

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    • Thank you so much.
      A funny thing…. I really do like a cold beer whilst on holiday, but never drink it at home… The fridge is full of Super Bock, but I just don’t fancy one at all. Strange!


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