By the pool

Friday 28th April 

Just relaxing by the pool
No hurries, no worries, just cool
Watching the clouds fly by
Beneath an umbrella, shaded from the sky

The sun beats down, but I don't feel the heat
In this moment, it's a complete retreat
The water glistens, the breeze softly blows
Feeling so content, as the day slows

No need to rush, no need to stress
Just peace and tranquility, nothing less
This moment of bliss, so simple yet profound
I'm grateful for this calmness I've found

So I'll stay here a while, and let time pass
Watching the clouds, as they float by so fast
In this poolside oasis, simply so free
Relaxed, rejuvenated, and just being me

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
Wispy clouds
The marina this morning
Tall palms
A shady spot for lunch
Quite hot today, so the umbrellas were welcome
A perfect spot to people watch
This afternoon by the pool
Quiet and peaceful
Pretty clouds
Along the boardwalk, early evening
Interesting cloud formations
Back at the marina
The view from our apartment

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