Sunday 30th April 

Sunshine brings
A smile to our face
A burst of energy
A warm embrace
It lifts our spirits
Soothes our soul
And makes us feel
Once again whole

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
Tall palms
Tall masts
The lifting footbridge
Cobbled streets
Another hot day
Sunday meanderings
A man, a hat, an accordion and a dog
Blue tiles
Blue skies, blue sunshades
Watching the world go by
Blue shades, blue t-shirt, blue shades
Igreja de Santa Maria de Lagos
Across to the waterway
Us again
Pleasure boats returning
A neat motor yacht from Cowes
Grinch enjoys his holiday too
Overlooking the marina
Dinner at Restaurante Jardim
Luke and Talita arrive
A wonderful outdoors restaurant
Toodle ooo Luke, until next time xxx

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