Festival of Food

Friday 12th May 

On the beach with azure seas
Flags flutter in the gentle breeze
With deep blue skies overhead
Across the sand people tread

The beach alive with energy
A vibrant, joyful community
People of all ages, old and young
Tantalising foods on their tongue

The Festival of Food in full swing
A rainbow of colours, a joyful thing
Stalls and tents along the beach
Temptations are all within reach

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
St Ives harbour this morning
A different view of the Wharf
The harbour through the rocks at Pedn Olva
St Ives Food and Drink Festival
Around the world food choices
Porthminster Beach
Lots of different food tents
Pedn Olva Hotel and blue, blue sea
The harbour from the Malakoff
Over the rooftops

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