Out of the way

Sunday 14th May 

Our destination's
Out of the way
But we don't mind
Nature's display
Fields of green
Wildflowers in bloom
All around us
Countryside's perfume

The winding roads
Lead on and on
Past babbling brooks
And fields of corn
We take our time
Enjoying the view
With all the beauty
Of lands anew

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
A Slice of Cornwall, near Gweek
An outdoor lunch
Wild yeast, sourdough pillow bread with squid, chili jam, lettuce, cucumber and mango… Splendid
Two waffles, drenched crispy chicken, maple syrup, pearl sugar and sea salt
Narrow, narrow road… One vehicle wide, with high Cornish hedges either side
We met cars, lorries and two tractors…. Lots of reversing and manoeuvring to safely pass!
Slow and steady
Gnarly trees

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