Finding new things


Saturday 28th March


Out in the garden

Doing my crochet

Finding new things

To wile the time away

Underneath blue skies

An isolation day

Don’t know what you’d have done

To keep boredom at bay

YouTube and eating

You’d have much to say


Thinking of you

Missing you always

Treasured Angel son


Starting a new pattern this afternoon

Two flower squares completed

View of Porthmeor from upstairs

A chilly north easterly whipping up the waves

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      • I’m doing a blanket with a half treble is what the YouTube lady called it. The edges are crooked because I’m using different colors…so I’ll have to learn how to do a border too!

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      • Did you see my blanket on my next post? My aunt just dropped off a tub full of yarn so I can make another. I’d like to try chevron. Not sure if they call it that over where you’re at. Its zig zag pattern. But I’m a newbie

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      • Your blanket is terrific, I love the colours.
        Have you started your new chevron one yet?
        I find crocheting quite therapeutic, except when I begin to realise I don’t like the way it’s turning out


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