High flight



Thursday 4th February

Today would have been my father’s eighty fourth birthday.
He succumbed to pancreatic cancer in October 2009.
He was a fighter pilot and flew many different aircraft, all over the world.

The poem, High Flight, by John Gillespie Magee, an American, serving with the RCAF, flying spitfires in WWII, seems a very apt and appropriate tribute to my father.


My father, flying the lightning in the foreground, for 56 squadron


My father visiting the Canadian RAF, in front of a starfighter


My father bringing the fleeing Shah of Persia to England in an English Electric Lightning


My father, in front of his F4 phantom


Phantoms, 43 squadron in formation


My father, in his phantom, shadowing a Russian 'bear'


My father with members of the Blue Angels aerobatic team


My father, teaching Prince Charles to fly the phantom


56 squadron in Cyprus. My father exiting his lightning


My father, on board his yacht Rum Raisin


Hank n Frank, Tobago, 2002

In the last picture, here you are with your grandfather Hank.
(He disliked the names of Dad, Daddy, Father, Grandfather; so everyone called him Hank.)
We had so many wonderful sailing adventures with him on board his yachts.

Give each other a hug.

Miss you, my Angel father, Hank.
Love you, my Angel son, Frank.

Flying high together.

xxx xxx



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  1. Wow! So that’s where you get your courage and strength from… Amazing photos – some of the best I’ve seen in ages. I’m sure Hank is taking good care of Frank and vice versa. I found this such a beautiful post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Ian… I do remember you from Wattisham, and your father with 111 squadron, think it was?
      Wow, many, many years ago now. Attending Ringshall County Primary School, and living in Blenheim Drive?
      I have found you on Twitter, and think your photography is absolutely amazing; so many memories for me, looking at all the aircraft.
      (I’m @wildblu)
      Hope you are well and staying safe in these strange times.
      Take good care.
      Melanie x


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