Letter from my consultant


Friday 28th June

Fantastic news!

This morning I received a letter from my consultant dermatologist, (the one I saw right back at the beginning), who has carried out the two excisions on my lower back. The first time round the results came back inconclusive, so a Wider Local Excision was done, twelve days ago.

“I am writing to confirm that the re-excision of the scar site on your right lower back did not show any residual pigment cells, only scar tissue was identified. Please be reassured by this.”

Yay!! A great relief! An unbelievable weight has been lifted. The dark clouds have dissipated somewhat.

The next step will be the lymph node procedure, to be carried out at Exeter ~ still haven’t heard any news of an appointment, yet.

Thinking lots of positive thoughts, as always.

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